Batteries - Size 13 (Orange) /

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Batteries - Size 13 (Orange)


Size 13 batteries/orange colour coded
Mercury free, zinc air
60 batteries in a box (10 packs of 6)
Hearology batteries are made by Rayovac

General Information

All hearing aid devices run on zinc air batteries. Batteries are coded with a number and a colour.

            Size 10 yellow
            Size 312 brown
            Size 13 orange
            Size 675 blue

Keep the batteries sealed until ready to use. If a label is removed the battery will start to lose power and become exhausted after 4 weeks.
When it’s time to change to a new battery remove the coloured label and let the battery breathe for 60 seconds before placing in the hearing aid.

All Hearology hearing aid batteries are compatible with all top brands such as Widex, Signia, Phonak etc.



- Opened and/or used items cannot be returned for refund

- Returns accepted for 30 days

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