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At Hearology, as ear experts, everything we do is for the love of sound. From protection to enhancement, we are constantly testing and choosing the most innovative hearing products on the market today.

Pioneering Protection

Protecting your ears from damaging noise levels shouldn’t mean compromising on sound quality. It’s this belief that informed the meticulous design of the plugs and filters that we have selected, allowing you to continue hearing life as it’s supposed to be heard.


Enhancement & Audio

We’re passionate about providing you with a sound experience unlike any before. From the latest and best hearing instruments, to audiophile headphones, hearables and custom In-Ear Monitors for professional musicians, we are always updating our collection of world class, personal earware.


Existing 3D Ear Scan Customers

If you’ve already had your ears scanned with us, you can input your scan code on our custom fit products to ensure you get your unique moulds.



We offer a range of audiological and medical devices including tinnitus alleviation solutions

What people are saying about us

“I spend a lot of time at gigs, playing at gigs and working with bands. I met the Hearology representatives at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton. A lovely bunch of people who showed me their unique and innovative products. Got my ears scanned for the custom made plugs as well as a simple procedure to remove excessive wax from my ear canal. Highly professional from start to finish and knowledgeable about aural care and their products.”

Gary Funkingham

“The music department at Hearology provide a familiar point of contact for people such as myself who work in the industry. I’ve used them for a number of artists that I work with and also invited them to look after the artists at Slam Dunk festival 2017. Their willingness to go the extra mile, whether that means finding an appointment for someone at the last minute to fit with a touring schedule, or even travelling to wherever the band might be is what sets them apart.”

Rob Highcroft
Tour Manager & Production Manager for Bring Me The Horizon, Busted and more

“Being a musician, I've had to have my ears looked at numerous times from hearing tests to ear wax removal to having ear plugs fitted. I can't recommend Vincent enough. Everything fully explained throughout the procedure which helps ease any anxieties one may have. Go if you're worried about anything to do with your ears!!!”

Rikki Mehta

“Much of my work as a composer has been writing for brass bands, and having grown up in that scene, the dangers of noise exposure were never really something that was talked about. I’ve performed in just about every environment you could imagine over the years, mostly without any hearing protection. Thankfully, there seems to be a trend towards better awareness of noise and I think it’s great that Hearology are at the forefront of this movement. It’s great that they are actually working with musicians to make sure that it’s done properly.”

Simon Dobson
British Composer of the Year Award (BASCA) 2012 & 2014. Parallax Orchestra, The Heritage Orchestra, Antimatador.

Do your ears need
a tune-up?

In our clinics we provide a wide range of audiological services including ear wax removal, hearing tests and tinnitus alleviation programmes and procedures.