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The filters you have requested appear as a separate item in your cart, so don't worry when you see two items there instead of one: unless you specifically order more, you will only receive the one set of filters, and they will arrive already fitted inside your custom plugs.

The Heavy Noise 111 Ready-To-Wear

Our ready-to-wear filtered plugs are the prefect entry into high quality ear protection. With the same filters we use in our top spec custom plugs, but ready to go right away. Each set comes with two pairs of plugs as standard.

The Heavy Noise 111 filter, used correctly, allows you to experience sounds safely up to 111 dB. This filter has been designed specifically with loud construction environments in mind. 

Providing the highest level of constant protection of any of the filters that we offer, this filter is a must-have for those continually surrounded by machinery and power tools generating high intensity sound levels. For example, Jackhammers. 

Importantly, the attenuation in the Heavy Noise 111 reduces to a relatively linear level of protection at the fundamental frequency of the human voice (85-250Hz), making it suitable for workers to continue effectively communicating with each other in a noisy environment without having to remove their hearing protection.

We also recommend the Heavy Noise 111 for motorsport enthusiasts, where high intensity noise is the norm.


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What people are saying about us

“I spend a lot of time at gigs, playing at gigs and working with bands. I met the Hearology representatives at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton. A lovely bunch of people who showed me their unique and innovative products. Got my ears scanned for the custom made plugs as well as a simple procedure to remove excessive wax from my ear canal. Highly professional from start to finish and knowledgeable about aural care and their products.”

Gary Funkingham

“The music department at Hearology provide a familiar point of contact for people such as myself who work in the industry. I’ve used them for a number of artists that I work with and also invited them to look after the artists at Slam Dunk festival 2017. Their willingness to go the extra mile, whether that means finding an appointment for someone at the last minute to fit with a touring schedule, or even travelling to wherever the band might be is what sets them apart.”

Rob Highcroft
Tour Manager & Production Manager for Bring Me The Horizon, Busted and more

“Being a musician, I've had to have my ears looked at numerous times from hearing tests to ear wax removal to having ear plugs fitted. I can't recommend Vincent enough. Everything fully explained throughout the procedure which helps ease any anxieties one may have. Go if you're worried about anything to do with your ears!!!”

Rikki Mehta

“Much of my work as a composer has been writing for brass bands, and having grown up in that scene, the dangers of noise exposure were never really something that was talked about. I’ve performed in just about every environment you could imagine over the years, mostly without any hearing protection. Thankfully, there seems to be a trend towards better awareness of noise and I think it’s great that Hearology are at the forefront of this movement. It’s great that they are actually working with musicians to make sure that it’s done properly.”

Simon Dobson
British Composer of the Year Award (BASCA) 2012 & 2014. Parallax Orchestra, The Heritage Orchestra, Antimatador.

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